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XXX University, City, Country, and, , , recognizing the benefits to their respective universities from the establishment of international links, affirm this Agreement.

1. The purpose of this Agreement is to develop academic and educational cooperation and to promote mutual understanding between the two universities.

2. Both universities agree to develop the following collaborative activities in academic areas of mutual interest, on a basis of equality and reciprocity.

       (1) Exchange of faculty, researchers and administrative staff

       (2) Exchange of students

       (3) Conducting collaborative research projects

       (4) Conducting lectures and seminars

(5) Organizing conferences and symposia

       (6) Exchange of academic information and materials

       (7) Promoting other academic cooperation as mutually agreed

3. The development and implementation of specific activities based on this Agreement will be separately negotiated and agreed between the faculties, schools or institutes, which carry out the specific projects. Both universities agree to carry out these activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the respective countries after full consultation and approval.

4. It is understood that the implementation of any of the types of cooperation stated in clause 2 shall depend upon the availability of resources and financial support at the universities concerned.

5. Should any collaborative research activities under this Agreement result in any potential for intellectual property, both universities shall seek an equitable and fair understanding as to ownership and other property interests that may arise.

6. This Agreement may be amended or modified by a written agreement signed by the representatives of both universities.

7. This Agreement is valid for a period of five years from the date of signing by the representatives of both universities and shall be automatically renewed unless agreed upon.

8. This Agreement may, at any time during its period of validity, be terminated by one of the universities upon prior notice to the other in writing not later than six months before the termination date.













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